The Festival for the Schools (FFS) is a series of special, free events for students and educators in the Bay Area that takes place every October and November. FFS presents original, unexpected, and underrepresented stories and voices that move students beyond the practice of learning about the Arab world. Instead, the films featured by AFF connect students in California to characters and situations that they can relate to and that help them begin to learn from within the Arab world through the eyes and ears of cutt ing-edge contemporary filmmakers. Prior to the events, AFF provides educators with a guide for contextualizing and discussing relevant themes in the classroom before and aft er watching the film, including necessary historical, political, and social background.

Interested in bringing our programming to your classroom?  Contact us at:  edu (at) arabfilmfestival (dot) org



Master Classes are courses on continuous training. They are held by acclaimed and successful filmmakers who dedicate an intensive training to young talents coming from all over the country, passing on their individual knowledge and personal experience. Rather than bare lecturing, the courses concentrate on the practical side of learning with at least half of the time spent with hands-on training. Workshops and master classes with filmmakers will be offered to Arab-American students and members of the community. Areas will include storytelling, directing, producing and film fundraising.

Classes forming now for early 2015.  Contact us at:  edu (at) arabfilmfestival (dot) org